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Jean-Guy Dallaire
09-28-2021 3:22:58 PM PST

Planning my next presentations to be held at UBC Robson Square Centre.

Jean-Guy Dallaire
09-28-2021 3:22:25 PM PST

Jean-Guy Dallaire
09-14-2019 1:56:18 PM CST

Child in Knight's Arms / Enfant dans les Bras du Chevalier

Jean-Guy Dallaire
04-23-2019 3:44:34 PM CST

Virgin and Child / Vierge et Enfant

Jean-Guy Dallaire
01-14-2019 3:21:58 PM CST

Jean-Guy Dallaire
01-14-2019 3:08:04 PM CST

Amazing! Titled "The Heart's Calling" is one of the most recent images... where even a child would recognize the figure pointing to his heart.

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