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Images in Heaven


an interpretation

Jean-Guy Dallaire 

 Artist and Cloud Photographer


"Clouds... carrier of water and diffuser of the light, they too have a memory, a kind of poetic and universal language that can be seen, appreciated and contemplated." jgd




"IMAGES IN HEAVEN" is a presentation of images as seen in the sky above.  For this artist, they are natural 'expression of art' that can open our minds to wonder and transcendence.

Canadian sculptor and photographer Jean-Guy Dallaire talks about how it was while walking along the beach where he found stones and concretions to inspire his artwork but also... amazing cloud images which he shares with everyone. His presentation explores our imaginative faculty and proposes awe-inspiring moments and contemplation. To name a few titles: Child in Knight's Arms; the Holy Father's Salute; Virgin and Child; the Heart's Calling and more...

His offering is available to everyone. Duration approx. 90 minutes

His book, "The Language of Clouds" can be seen and also available for purchase on line.

For information and to hold this event in your group or community please contact the artist at: jeanguydallaire@gmail.com 


Future presentations, dates and locations will be announced on this page.


















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