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Description and Reservation     

Images in Heaven...

is about, imagination and the supernatural... a kind of poetic and universal language that can be seen and contemplated. For this artist, they are natural 'expressions of art' that open our minds to wonder and transcendence. Presented on large screen, everyone, adults and children, religious and non-religious are invited to come and see the beauty that can be found in the clouds that grace our skies.

Presentations are in response to John Paul II's invitation to artists (1999) to be witnesses of beauty and wonder and to pass it on. There is no better time to be heavenly inspired, says Vancouver Photographer Jean-Guy Dallaire.  "At a time of change, stress, homelessness and anxiety, could it be that the heavens also communicate... something of beauty, in a language for all to see?" 'They Followed the Star', The Holy Father's Salute', Madonna and Child in the Clouds', and most recent... 'The Heart's Calling'... where even a child would recognize a fatherly figure pointing to his heart, are fine examples shown.


Jean-Guy Dallaire

Jean-Guy Dallaire studied photography at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. After a long career as a photographer, he moved to Vancouver to begin a second as sculptor and in 1986 started to teach in Vancouver schools and colleges and later organized some international workshops. Self-taught, his numerous exhibitions include those at Madison Square Gardens, ArtExpop'84, N.Y. and more recently at the Annual Peace Arch Park International Sculpture Exhibition.

Over the years, Jean-Guy discovered a new passion: the study of forms and of images, sometimes surprising, which appears in the clouds above. Amazed, he began recording what he saw and sharing images in class rooms, galleries and most recently on Facebook. 

In Vancouver:

 John Paul II Pastoral Centre, 4885 Saint John Paul II Way, Vancouver, B.C.

(The past April presentation was cancelled due to the covid pandemic.)


Seats are limited - please make reservation. 


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